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Dating for the mentaly ill

The only way to resume a sense of normalcy in my life was to severe ties.I dealt with the guilt of feeling like I abandoned someone whom I cared deeply for.You can form healthy and successful relationships by taking your time re-entering the dating scene, choosing carefully how to disclose your diagnosis, and following strategies necessary to maintain a healthy relationship.

Additionally, emotional support is going to be crucial.You can even provide support when they take wrong turns or find themselves lost.You can also provide comfort during times when your lover feels discouraged or like they will never reach their destinations.When we do not set boundaries for our love ones, we run the risk of being walked over.For some individuals, the lack of consequences gives them permission to use their mental illness as an excuse to behave badly. One of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made was to leave my mentally ill partner.

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The thought is, “if they are less stressed with the small things, they can focus more on getting better.” This often makes the healthy partner mentally and emotionally fragile because they have unknowingly taken responsibility for their mate’s mental illness.

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