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Is it because it turned into a flame war while I wasn't looking?Is it because the issue was "solved" anyway (one of the owners changed the description to something that, IMO, is even more controversial on a programmer's site, but is not mentioning sex) and the policy here recently seems to have changed to sweeping controversial topics under the carpet?lulz", "if the Internet didn't contain any sex, how would young people learn about it?", "But then where would poor malware authors release their work", and "there's nothing wrong with downloading some sex movies", although I freely admit that we LOL'ed about them.There's several cultures where pork is banned, and nobody would even mention the C room discussing pork.This is a highly forum, where users from all kinds of cultures participate.If you're really that offended, there's a built-in [email protected] maybe you need to read the tooltip for that downvote arrow again.

There's cultures where eating is prohibited during the day four weeks a year, yet nobody objects to talk about food all day all year round.These quotes now are not taken out of context anymore, because .I also linked all messages, and this was the joke which started all [email protected]: You seem to have not understood the issue at hand: I was asking whether using the term "sex" is Ok or not.Silently removing the tag that made you look at this question in the first place is not an answer to that.

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As much as I find the whole issue ridiculous and agree with closing that hilarious question, I now have no idea .

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