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Intimidating slogan

Be vocal when you see inappropriate behavior, and above all let us know so that we can remedy the situation.“Vile, intimidating” posters purportedly “spreading hate” against racial and LGBT communities have been found on lampposts in Camberley and Farnborough – including two discovered outside a school.Correction: you never take no for an answer."Local 33 harassment has been well documented for at least 15 years. Within the last year alone, the YDN reported on such harassment and women, graduate students of color, graduate students who identify as part of the LGBTQ community, and their allies wrote an open letter denouncing Local 33 recruitment tactics. Despite losing a vote to unionize in 2003, they remain unchanged in these tactics but have only changed their election strategy in a shameless display of gerrymandering.Their systematic refusal to take 'no' for an answer and violation of privacy has been compared to sexual harassment. The slogans certainly bear no correlation to playoff success. In the nation’s most buzz obsessed metropolitan area.Even some of the Bay Area’s ubiquitous bacon-wrapped hot dog carts have hashtags and a social media presence.

Residents have taken to social media to complain about the posters, with some users branding them “vile” and “incredibly distressing”.

The Cultural Marxist assault on Western Civilisation has been waged against the white heterosexual male and the nuclear family, these stickers allude to that fact and that’s why they have reacted so outrageously to them.

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The following behaviors are considered harassment and will not be tolerated at O Comic Con: If you have been harassed or see someone being harassed, please notify a member of our staff immediately.

Engaging in these behaviors can result in instant expulsion from the event. If necessary, we will notify our officers on duty, contact local law enforcement, have the offender escorted out, and file a police report against the harasser.

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