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Paul washer quotes on dating

And he drives the wheel of his cart; and his horses do not beat it small. So easy to talk and try to move souls with passion, but how about to do? 1961) is a Baptist minister and founder of the Heart Cry Missionary Society.(29) This also comes out from the LORD of Hosts, Who is wonderful in wisdom, making sound wisdom great. Converted while a student at the University of Texas, Washer subsequently attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he received a Master of Divinity degree.I went to and watched Paul Washer at Are You Clothed with Power? Nice man, clean-cut, presentable, but oh so religious, dramatic, and pretentiously moral and pious. I see Paul’s conduct as just another of thousands of nominal Christian preachers performing in the spirit of Baal, jumping up and down on their altars, doing their level best to impress God and men with sensationalism, affectation, and carnal zeal (1 Kings 18).There is a problem with men who feel the need to dress in a business suit and tie to win the respect of their audience.True men of God don’t promote Balaam, Elymas, Muhammad, Joseph Smith, Benny Hinn, Pope Benedict, Jim Jones, or John Calvin.

I can't stress enough the importance of the message Paul Washer puts forth in these three sermons.

Washer's zeal is not to lift up Christ as Lord, but to lift up man (himself) as Lord.

His preaching and example teach men that fleshly zeal and presumption of godliness make up true godliness. I spoke to another young man maybe a week ago whose name is ‘Matthew’ and he was part of this organization called ‘’ which are basically video testimonies that have alot of Paul Washer videos.

He shouts on in a spirit of boastful spirituality, “ that?

It comes from countless hours alone with God in the Word of God, not simply to gain knowledge so that you become a better debater, or not simply to prepare sermons, but you’re alone with God in the Word of God because you want to It comes from countless hours alone with God in the night watch when men with better sense are tucked in their beds…

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He presumes that passion will win the day, but the Spirit of God is not about carnal passion.

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