In some cases however it may be recognized and considered an offensive weapon in some jurisdictions.

In the United States there are few legal restrictions on Kubotans, with the notable exception that they are prohibited as carry-on items for air travellers.

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Davis then former Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, created the weapon and began training female officers in its application.

The material is usually of a hard high-impact plastic (e.g. The body of the Kubotan is lined with six round grooves with a screw eye or swivel and split ring attachment at one end for keys.

The Kubotan keychain was originally based on a small bamboo weapon called the "hashi stick", an invention by Kubota's father Denjiro.

Though these weapons may be marketed as Kubotans, they are copycats and are more properly classified along lines of generic self-defense keychain sticks (SDKS) or generic self-defense pocket weapons.

The term 'pocket stick' is also sometimes used to classify such hand weapons.


In this respect, the Kubotan can be substituted by everyday items such as hairbrushes, pens, markers, flashlights, small wooden dowels and even electronic cigarettes. tactical pens) are also sometimes marketed as substitutes for the Kubotan.

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